Friday, July 27, 2007

Kitchen Remodeling in Second Life

Imagine you want to remodel your kitchen in the future. When you bought your house, your builder gave you the Second Life version of the house that you toured before you decided to buy it.

You now go into Second Life and look at your kitchen. You go to a Sears store and pick up some virtual appliances that you might want to use in the new kitchen. You also go to a remodeling store and pick out various cabinet styles that you might want.

You walk into your virtual kitchen and place different stove models, refrigerators and apply different cabinet and door styles, colors and materials to your kitchen in real time and walk around and see how you like it. Once you have figured out how you want it, you show your husband when he comes in from work and you both walk around the kitchen and see if you are both happy with the new layout, colors, appliances, etc. Then you contact Sears for the appliances and contact your local remodeler to implement the look.

Sound incredible? You can basically do this today and Sears, with a little help from IBM in in Second Life has a small prototype doing exactly that.

See the video here(note this video is not inside Sears store)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

CEOs lost in Second Life

If you are a CEO or important corporate slave, er, I mean corporate executive, don't get lost in Second Life. You don't have a clue but we can get you up to speed quickly. Don't wander around and waste time, it isn't worth it.

We can have you bypass those pesky 4 tests of skill before you can get into the "real" Second Life. We can also help make you look like you know what you are doing and give you some training so you don't fumble around everywhere.

Hey, we all did it! Been there done that. Second Life is harder than the real world and finding help is a nightmare. Some of people in SL are just there to play and don't get the whole run, run, get it done, work, work, work thing. We have fun but we are Americans who drink coffee and make money by working hard. We get it.

Sometimes in the corporate world, you could use a little bump to get you into top shape and feeling good about where you are and how you look.

We are that for you. We are your guides, consultants and shortcut providers.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Red Bull gives you wings? In Second Life it should

I found Red Bull in Second Life. It was in a vending machine somewhere. I took one and starting "drinking" it. It didn't give me wings-- it didn't do jack.

So either Red Bull hasn't finished their entry into Second Life or someone is using their brand without their knowledge in vending machines.

In Second Life to start with, getting a Red Bull should give you wings and make you fly faster. That could just be the beginning. Just getting something that looks like an energy drink in your hands in Second Life will bore you to tears. How about a little imagination?

Finally we can make some of those taglines work for real!

News flash--Apparently Red Bull is either in or working on a presence in Second Life but I got tired of my plain old red bull so I had to buy my own wings.. see me just messing around at the Pyramid At Chichen Itza with my Red Bull and my wings.

Red Bull Doesn't give you wings in Second Life-(click for video)

Imitating real life in second life

I went to a really beautifully designed business area the other day.

But they had totally trasparent glass that I keep running into trying to enter into to offices.

And stairs that you had to walk up to get to the second floor. .. and doors you have to open!

What in the hell are these people thinking about? How many barriers do you need to put up to keep me away from finding out more about you?

Doors and windows keep dogs and birds, and the cold out of buildings in real life.. what is the purpose in Second Life, except to make people jump through hoops?

Anyway, back on my soap box about how it makes no sense to just try and copy real life into Second Life.

Sears and Circuit City In Second Life

IBM has put Sears into Second Life. I get the feeling it was more IBM's idea rather than the retailers idea. We go there in Second Life because they are big in the real world and not because the stores are interesting. It is interesting when you are new to Second Life, but once you see it you are not so interested in going back.

If properly developed, it might be interesting. In the Sears store you can select the color of the kitchen cabinets and also the texture of the countertops quicky and view them in the virtual world, walk around and see how it hits you. That part is interesting, but it is really more of a proof of concept than a real attempt at selling anything. If Sears put some money into it and put their brands in there and made lots of options changeable and maybe saveable in some respect I think they might have something.

One thing that would really help the business presence of ANY company in Second Life would be to have real live people in avatars in the store to interact with the customers when they come in. There are too many stores in Second Life that are just empty stores. There needs to be someone there with store hours or someone on standby who can jump in there when someone comes to the store. That part of second life is like the first, you need people there to interact with customers.

The Circuit City store is the store that is a bit to like the real thing. You walk in and there are video trailers playing on the big screen TV and there are products on the shelves like DVDs and games. You can look at the DVDs that are too scale, click on the product and then go to the web site where you can purchase the item. What is bad about this is that the DVDs or games are to scale. In SL they are just too hard to see.

WellgoUSA, DVD and video company, is in the process of putting together an office. In their office or mall area, the DVDs are about 12 feet tall. Guess what, you can read the DVD cover! They also have at least one video preview of the title. When you click on the DVD you can go to a web site to purchase the item.

Even though Second Life is a simulation of real life, I think most people have been slow to start to change things around a bit to adapt to the new environment. Some things are still interesting and needed, but some are not.Food and drink are out. Just not much fun in putting a coke bottle in your hand or sitting down and watching your avatar bring a fork to his mouth. Flying is fun..

So even though it is worthwhile to keep a bit of the real world in SL, companies need to stop just trying to copy the real world and try to better adapt to SL and see what works in there and what is fun in there.