Friday, July 27, 2007

Kitchen Remodeling in Second Life

Imagine you want to remodel your kitchen in the future. When you bought your house, your builder gave you the Second Life version of the house that you toured before you decided to buy it.

You now go into Second Life and look at your kitchen. You go to a Sears store and pick up some virtual appliances that you might want to use in the new kitchen. You also go to a remodeling store and pick out various cabinet styles that you might want.

You walk into your virtual kitchen and place different stove models, refrigerators and apply different cabinet and door styles, colors and materials to your kitchen in real time and walk around and see how you like it. Once you have figured out how you want it, you show your husband when he comes in from work and you both walk around the kitchen and see if you are both happy with the new layout, colors, appliances, etc. Then you contact Sears for the appliances and contact your local remodeler to implement the look.

Sound incredible? You can basically do this today and Sears, with a little help from IBM in in Second Life has a small prototype doing exactly that.

See the video here(note this video is not inside Sears store)


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